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The objective of the Conference is to chart the way towards inclusion and expansion of social protection for all Kenyans. It will provide an opportunity for the sector to advance the social protection agenda with a view to ensuring increased coverage and access. This also includes strengthening coverage and adequacy of social protection in the country.

Limited coverage in social protection is experienced by the segments of the population including children, older persons, persons with disabilities, youth, and women. This also is experienced more specifically by minority groups, workers, migrants, refugees, unemployed persons and those in the Jua Kali sector.

Promoting inclusive social protection will ensure that vulnerable groups are cushioned from poverty, social exclusion and deprivation throughout the lifecycle. Inclusion will the remote active participation of citizens in the different facets of society. It is key to building resilience for all against shocks and crises over the life cycle.


Kenya Government commitment

The new government is committed to universal social security, eradicating malnutrition within f years in children through integrated package services, inclusion in society and employment opportunities for people with disabilities, increasing coverage for vulnerable groups and increasing financing to the National Safety Net to be at par with other lower middle-income countries which spend up to 1.7 percent of their GDP on social protection.

Social Protection Inclusion agenda

There are groups of people in Kenya who are still persistently grappling driven by various reasons such as harsh economic situations, shocks, disasters and inequalities. To uplift these groups requires social inclusion through ensuring availability, access and adequacy of social protection interventions.

Venue: Kenya School of Government

Social Protection Conference 2023, Highlights


Accelerating Inclusive and Integrated Social Protection System in Kenya: Strategies for Expansion of Coverage and Improved Shock Responsiveness


Exhibit your social protection intervention at the Social Protection Conference (SPC) 2023. Kindly give us more information regarding your organization and the material you intend to exhibit.
Please note we have a limited number of booths to offer. 

Sub Themes

  • Setting the Context: Legal and Policy Frameworks on increased social Protection in Kenya
  • Strategies to accelerate inclusion and integrated Social Protection system
  • Towards responsive Social Protection in Shocks and Emergencies
  • Financing Social Protection
  • Dynamics of the Social Protection Sector in the Era of Evolving Technology
  • Synergy and coordination for complementarity programs in Social Protection.
  • Research and Learning: Strategies for increased coverage


Speakers are drawn from different levels (County, National and International), different components of social protection (social assistance, social security and health insurance) and representing various players (governments, development partners, donors, academia, non-governmental organisations, civil society, private sector and the media). Read More


The Conference will bring together national and international participants. Global and national speakers will be identified depending on the topics of the Conference and their expertise.

2023 Conference Theme: Accelerating inclusive and integrated social protection system in Kenya: Strategies for expansion of coverage and improved shock responsiveness

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