About SPC 2018

As a way of advancing the Social Protection (SP) agenda and spurring resonance across sectors and amongst various actors, the Government of Kenya, through the State Department for Social Protection, is holding a national Social Protection Conference 2018 in order to create an interactive opportunity and platform for various stakeholders and actors to not only showcase their ideas, innovations and best practices in the SP arena, but also to exchange these ideas and learn from one another in the spirit of delivering the overall goal of Social Protection.

Objective of the conference

The main objective of the conference:

To create an opportunity for learning and sharing of experiences amongst various SP actors with a view to stimulating, motivating, promoting and advocating for increased investment in Social Protection by all actors, at all levels and in a coherent and coordinated manner.

Conference theme

“Scaling Up Investment in Social Protection for the Delivery of Kenya’s Vision 2030 and Achievement of SDGs”

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